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Employee engagement surveys are the go-to option for HR Managers and Business leaders to analyze the engagement levels of their employees. An engagement survey can be for any reason

  1. Engagement survey for knowing behavioral metrics like job satisfaction level, culture of the company, etc.
  2. Employee survey based on a specific focus group – Senior employees, newly joined employees or employees from a specific department.
  3. Employee survey performed with a strategic organisation development intervention objective.

No matter what the objective be, asking the right questions is the most important part of a survey!

This guide contains 29 Employee Engagement Survey Questions that are specially crafted to get maximum employee feedback across multiple dimensions. 

29 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

These questions are divided into 10 major parts. Each part focuses on a distinct bucked of employee behavior.

Each part has multiple questions that target different sub-metrics within each parent metric.

Most questions have multiple response options and some questions are open ended. 

You can refer to this separate guide to employee engagement survey analysis to learn how to analyze the response given by employees.

1. Employee Commitment Survey Questions

Q1) How important is it to you that your company does well overall?

Option 1: I actively put in an effort to ensure my company does well.

Option 2: It’s important to me that my company does well.

Option 3: I care about the company, but not as much as I care about my own career.

Option 4: I don’t really know much about how the company is doing.

Option 5: It doesn’t matter to me how the company is doing.

Q2) How often do you participate in and contribute to general affairs at this company, in ways other than your core responsibilities?

Option 1: I go out of my way to help anywhere I can for the company’s welfare.

Option 2: Every opportunity I get.

Option 3: At any situation when I’m best equipped to contribute.

Option 4: Whenever I can help in a way that also benefits me.

Option 5: Rarely.

2. Employee Confidence in Leadership Survey Questions

Q3) What do you think the company’s leadership?

Option 1: This company’s leadership is truly inspiring and aspirational.

Option 2: This company has great values and is managed by exceptional leaders

Option 3: This company’s leadership is fair and competent

Option 4: The company leadership is capable and committed

Option 5: I don’t have an opinion on the company’s leadership

Q4) What do you think would make the company’s leadership more impressive?

Option 1: A stronger vision

Option 2: Clearer communication

Option 3: More open-mindedness

Option 4: Stronger resolve and decisiveness

Option 5: Greater will and perseverance

Option 6: Greater acceptance of responsibility

Option 7: Strategy and innovation

Option 8: There’s something else

Q5) What changes in the leadership do you want to see?

Open ended question to capture employee feedback

Q6) What do you think of the company’s vision and objectives?

Option 1: I strongly believe in the path the company is taking and am thrilled to be part of it

Option 2: I think the company is moving in a good direction

Option 3: I don’t have an opinion on the company’s vision

Option 4: I disagree with the direction the company is taking

3. Employee Sense of Belonging Survey Questions

Q7) How are you most likely to describe your association with this company to someone?

Option 1: Name my company, then proceed to talk about the company.

Option 2: Tell them about what my company does, and about my role in it.

Option 3: Name the company I work at, then proceed to talk about the work I do.

Option 4: Tell them about what I do, and then name the company I work for.

Q8) What would make you feel more connected to your company?

Option 1: More transparency

Option 2: Greater access to senior leadership

Option 3: Awareness of broader company strategy

Option 4: Company values that I can identify with more

Option 5: Better understanding of my role in the bigger picture

Option 6: There are other things that could be done

Q9) How can we make you feel more connected to the company?

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual unique views.

4. Employee Sense of Pride Survey Questions

Q10) How do you feel about being part of this company?

Option 1: I’m extremely proud and thrilled to be part of this organization

Option 2: I’m happy with the way we’re going and am glad I’m part of this company

Option 3: I’m disappointed with my company

Q11) What aspect of the company makes you least proud of it?

Option 1: Corporate responsibility

Option 2: Quality and excellence in what we do

Option 3: Equality and fairness for employees

Option 4: Ethics

Option 5: Company vision

Option 6: Collaboration

Option 7: Something else

Q12) What aspect of the company is shameful?

Open ended question to capture employee’s individual and unique ideas.

5. Employee Productive Engagement and Workflow Survey Questions

Q13) How often do you feel fully focused, engaged and ‘wired into’ your work?

Option 1: At least half the time every day

Option 2: At least for some time every day

Option 3: Pretty much every other day of the week

Option 4: Maybe on one or two days a week

Option 5: Not very often

Q14) What do you think the company can do to help you be more interested, motivated, focused, and productive at work?

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual and unique ideas.

6. Employee Motivation Survey Questions

Q15) How would you describe your motivation to work?

Option 1: I love my work and am always driven

Option 2: I managed to be inspired and productive

Option 3: I’m sufficiently motivated to work hard

Option 4: I sometimes have difficulty staying motivated

Option 5: I often find it difficult to stay motivated

7. Employee Stess Survey Questions

Q16) How would you describe the job related stress you experience on a routine basis?

Option 1: I experience enough pressure to keep me on my feet and productive, but not overwhelmed.

Option 2: I don’t feel any pressure to push myself, I’m quite relaxed at work.

Option 3: I’m often overstressed and overwhelmed at work.

Q17) What is the biggest source of stress for you at work?

Option 1: Long Hours

Option 2: Heavy Workload

Option 3: Difficult problems to solve

Option 4: Lack of structure and consistency

Option 5: Disconnect with what I’m doing

Option 6: My boss

Option 7: Coworkers

Option 8: There are other stronger reasons

Q18) What is causing you the most stress at work?

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual and unique ideas.

8. Employee Role Clarity Survey Questions

Q19) How would you describe the level of clarity you have about your role, responsibilities, and deliverables?

Option 1: I know exactly what my role is in the company.

Option 2: I stay on top of my work and always know what to do

Option 3: I usually know what I need to be doing.

Option 4: I’m confused sometimes, but manage to get the clarity I need

Option 5: Very often, I don’t know what I should be doing at work.

Q20) What would help the most in bringing greater clarity on your responsibilities at work?

Option 1: Better planning

Option 2: Stronger long term vision

Option 3: More structured reviews

Option 4: Tighter demarcation of roles

Option 5: Better metrics to define success

Option 6: There are other bigger issues causing me confusion

Q21) What is causing a lack of clarity at work?

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual and unique ideas.

9. Employee Recognition Survey Questions

Q22) How do others in your organization view your work?

Option 1: I’m admired for my skills and the work I produce.

Option 2: People are usually encouraging of the work I do.

Option 3: People often acknowledge my efforts

Option 4: I’m not always recognized for my work

Option 5: I’m rarely recognized for the work I do.

Q23) What would you change to make recognition and acknowledgement for work done, more appropriate?

Option 1: Structured reward program.

Option 2:Deeper review by management

Option 3: A culture of giving more credit for all contribution

Option 4: A broader definition of one’s contribution to the company

Option 5: More effective review mechanisms

Option 6: Greater visibility for one’s efforts

Option 7: I have ideas not covered in this list

Q24) What would be an appropriate way for you to be recognized for your work?

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual and unique ideas.

10. Employee Ownership, Initiative and Autonomy Survey Questions

Q25) How would you best describe your relationship with the work you do?

Option 1: I make sure I’m useful and effective at work.

Option 2: I work smart and am as efficient and productive as I can.

Option 3: I take responsibility for myself and I make sure I do good work.

Option 4: I work hard to carry out my duties as well as I can.

Option 5: I work as much as I need to, and always follow instructions diligently

Q27) How would you describe the control you have over your targets and work output?

Option 1: I have the independence to decide how I deliver on my responsibilities.

Option 2: I have control over how I plan my work against predefined targets.

Option 3: I have flexibility over my time during the course of a work day.

Option 4: I have a fixed schedule and fixed process of working.

Q28) What is your understanding of your role in the company?

Option 1: I see my role in the company as a piece of a larger effort by the team towards our goals.

Option 2: I understand enough to make sure my efforts have a meaningful contribution to the end goal.

Option 3: I understand the connection between the output of my efforts and that of others, towards achieving company objectives.

Option 4: I know how my work fits into the goals and objectives of the company.

Option 5: I know what my roles and responsibilities are at this company.

Feedback on Feedback | Final Question

Q29) How much impact do you think engagement surveys like this have? 

Open ended question to capture the employee’s individual and unique ideas.

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